About Plumb Wonderful

It me.

Hello! I’m Kitty Ireland, a writer and content strategist living in Seattle. In 2020, I was diagnosed with breast cancer during a global pandemic. Not great timing, but it was the push I needed to start taking my health seriously. By the time I turned 50 in November, 2021, I had already made significant progress. I lost over 50 pounds in one year. I went from being a regular imbiber of alcohol to a teetotaler who drinks occasionally. I started exercising again after an eight year break. I started getting up early and took up daily meditation and yoga.

Plumb Wonderful is a place to share what I have learned and am still learning as I continue to prioritize and optimize my health and fitness. I’m learning to travel without eating gluten and find adventures that are more about nature than bars. I’m learning to cook a variety of Paleo feasts and understand how food affects my health and energy. I’m ramping up my fitness with the intention of becoming more fit in my fifties than ever before (a low bar, I assure you).

This blog is named in honor of my Grandpa Frank, who died in 2015. When asked “How are you?” he always responded, “Just plumb wonderful, I s’ppose.” It was his way of expressing just how steady and cheerful it is possible to be in the face of life’s chaos.

My hope is that my writing here can help others trying to live healthier lives find useful tip and occasional inspiration.