Article: Winter is Coming for Wearables (TechCrunch)

Winter is Coming for Wearables


Remember wearables? Those wristbands and glasses that were going to take over our lives? This time last year, many of us had high hopes that 2014 was (finally) going to be the year of the wearable.

Whoops. The wearables revolution didn’t come to pass in 2014, and it’s not going to happen in 2015, either. Why? Because we gave up. While more wearable products were launched in 2014 than ever before, most are sitting in a junk drawer somewhere. More than half of us who purchased a wearable activity tracker have since abandoned it.

No one showed up. Analysts expected 90 million wearables to be shipped in 2014, but the reality is looking to be more like 52 million, even after holiday sales. And this year doesn’t look any better: TECHnalysis Research predicts sales of 40 million units next year…

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Published on TechCrunch on January 26, 2015