Content Marketing: Saga

Saga is the essential lifelogging app. During my 2 years at ARO, I was instrumental to both the Product and Marketing strategies for this contextually intelligent smartphone app.

I was project lead and editor for the Saga blog, and I managed its launch and promotion. The Saga blog focuses on thought leadership articles about lifelogging, wearable technology, and Quantified Self. I worked with external vendors to develop the WordPress theme, create custom templates, and produce visual and editorial content. I managed external bloggers, and I wrote and edited content. I optimized the site for conversion, and the conversion rate more than doubled over the time I managed the blog, from ~3% to ~7% on average. I produced custom infographics based on Saga user data. I managed content promotions through Twitter and more than tripled unique page views over three months.

2014-08-10 16.53.34Once Saga gets to know you, it is able to offer useful information based on patterns in your behavior. One of its most popular features is “traits,” which are like badges you get for things you do in the real world. For example, if you eat at Mexican restaurants more than the average person, you might earn the Mexicurean trait. I was product owner for this feature through all phases of scoping, design, and implementation. I authored the rules that determine the thresholds for about 400 uniques traits. I wrote and/ or edited the copy that describes each trait within the app.