Content Strategy: A.R.O.

During my 2 years at ARO, I wore a variety of hats and managed numerous projects, including the design, development, and launch of 3 corporate websites and blogs.

As ARO grew, we needed a new web presence to showcase our full range of products, services, and talents. As project lead, I worked with an external vendor to scope, design, and implement the new site. I wrote web copy and worked with the vendor to set up the Craft CMS for site maintenance. I worked closely with our internal creative team to define an evolution in company brand. I facilitated communication between internal and external teams and managed the approval process. The site was delivered on time and within budget.

Baseball-vs.-MuseumsI acted as project lead and creative director on a series of data visualizations to showcase some of the analyses ARO could do with Saga user data. These primarily focused on comparing lifestyle choice among different regions of the United States. I worked with our data scientists to define and run queries against our production database. I worked with freelance designers, internal design resources, and online tools to convert data into visually compelling infographics. These graphics were shared on average more than three times as often as typical posts on the Saga blog.

Brightly was a personal UV monitor app that tracks your exposure to UV over time, based on your location and the UV index at that location. Brightly aimed to educate you about the dangers of UV and how to best protect yourself from sun damage and skin cancer. I worked closely with a board certified dermatologist to write and edit over 20 articles about sun safety, which appeared in the app and on the Brightly blog.