Project Management: VM Creative

During my 6 years with VM Creative I went from an admin role to the highest level of Producer on large, complex, multimedia projects. Our speciality was interactive retail kiosks for Microsoft, which we produced for 7 years straight. These comprised proprietary software, video production, design, creative content, and metrics tracking. I not only managed schedule and budget, but also acted as the hub for client communications and managed delivery of all content and digital assets.

One of my favorite projects with VM Creative was “Straight Talk and Honest Hope” a series of 2 DVDs we produced for patients newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. I was project lead for both of these, which included an intro from former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, interviews with patients and neurologists, and extensive links to resources. I kept the project running smoothly, organized and formatted the resource materials, and liaised directly with the APDA.

Other projects:
WINHEC videos
Tablet PC marketing demos
Microsoft Sales BOMs
Windows Media Center videos and retail demos
Tablet PC kiosks for JFK airport
Symantec videos and marketing materials
Windows Vista sales portal site