surviving the crash

The Economy. Is anyone not worried about keeping their financial boat afloat this year? Only the very wealthy are relatively safe when the words Great Depression start floating around. There are things we all can do now to help ourselves and others get through this.

  1. Don’t Panic! Don’t sell your house, don’t sell your stocks, don’t liquefy your retirement account. Remember? Buy low. Sell high. Now is the time to buy.
  2. If you lose your job, consider it an opportunity. There are opportunities for training programs for the unemployed and an even bigger opportunity to consider what you really want to do with your life. Was that job really all that?
  3. Consider sustainability. Some industries are more sustainable than others. Are you on a sinking ship? If so, head for the life raft sooner than later. Look into the industries and occupations that will flourish in the new new economy.
  4. Help others. Donate time, food, and money to help the very poor. They are the ones who really need a bailout.
  5. Think local. Invest in local farmers and small businesses – they are the tiny life rafts that will stay afloat even as the big ships sink. Supporting your local economy also helps keep people (including you) stay employed.
  6. Start your own business. This is an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurship, especially in areas of innovation.
  7. Stock up. We are likely to see super-inflation sometime this year, so buy what you can now. It can’t hurt to have some dry goods and batteries and bottled water for emergencies. Plus, buying things stimulates the economy. Go shopping!
  8. Be creative. Think of unconventional strategies you could use to come out of this better than you started. Sell some stuff on eBay. Self-publish your novel. Learn to knit.
  9. Remember money does not equal happiness. Sometimes less is more. Simplify, move to a smaller space, donate things to Goodwill, work on your relationships, get some exercise, and stop watching the news.
  10. Hunker down. This is not going to last forever. By March it may seem that the sky is falling. It isn’t. Things will get better. Just weather the storm however you can and use the opportunity to make your quality of life better, even if you are temporarily less wealthy.

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