the moleskine and the brain dump

One of the most powerful tools in any productivity system is getting the details out of your head. The true art of task management comes in when you figure out how to make sure once the stuff is out of your head you are able to find and use it. And then of course the crux of productivity – once you’ve recorded it and found it, do you act on it? If not, you end up with what I have far too many of: dead lists.

I’ve decided to make a commitment to two things: a small reporter-style grid notebook from Moleskine and the GTD task app for Mac: Things. The notebook is for capturing every little tedious detail I carry around in my brain. The program is for processing, sorting, tracking and assigning due dates.

I just did the ubiquitous brain dump and in 10 minutes I filled 6 (small) pages. That’s a lot of detritus that I’ve been juggling in my skull. I thought I was remembering everything, but even as I made the list new little items popped up… “Oh, yeah… I need to return those shoes!” etc. etc.

Theoretically, externalizing all of this tedious stuff will leave me more room to relax and become creative and productive. We’ll see how well I can keep this up. And I will check in here periodically to report my progress, or lack thereof.

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  1. Way to go! This is a great way to live, I’ve found. There’s something beautiful about purposely forgetting everything, knowing that your system (Things is fantastic!) will remind you.

    I used to try and keep all the plates spinning and then would be dismayed when one would fall. “How could I have forgotten THAT!?” What you’re describing allows us to put the plates down in a stack, begin to just spin one until we’re done with it. Then, what’s next? 🙂 Love that…


  2. I just realized that your post is a few weeks old. So… how’s it been the past month? 🙂


    1. kittyireland says:

      Very productive! 🙂


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