now is not the time to stay in bed and watch tv

More people than usual are unemployed right now. I not only lost my day-job, but I seem to have a cold. Which is totally uncool (the virus part, that is). The urge is strong to wrap myself around a bottle of Nyquil and hide. I am resting and drinking water and taking vitamins and hot baths. But I’m also working. Starting a business involves a lot of work, not the least of which is trying to get some funding for a couple of our flagship projects. So I spent my morning writing a grant application, until my brain melted.

It’s tempting to spend some time just being unemployed, but alas I don’t have time – even if I can live on unemployment for six months. There are things I want to to with my life (run a successful business, become a published author) and I know those things can only happen if I’m vigilant about pushing them forward. There is no fairy-god-person out there to hand me a life on a platter (or turn a gourd into a method of transport for that matter).

This is a great time to make some new connections. People want to come together in difficult times. Last week my business partner and I went to a small business “lab” on smart growth and marketing. There were probably 100 people there to share ideas and stories. Even if you’re not starting a business, there are excellent opportunities to join or form groups of people with common interests. Being unemployed is a great opportunity for taking classes.

My point is: I’m not staying in bed watching tv, and you shouldn’t either. Ok, three days… but that’s it. There’s so much living to do, even if you’re dead broke, and time is a gift.

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  1. H.D. says:

    Awesome! I completely agree with you. It’s a great opportunity, which I’m alternately seizing and being a bit skittish about. On the whole, though, it’s definitely a great opportunity to dig into previously untapped passions. I talk about some more of this on


  2. minim says:

    I think you’ve been peeking into my life! I’ve also been a bit under the weather lately and ended up taking a few days “off” but yes, you’re quite right. I’ve had my three days – time to get back into it! Thanks for the prod. I hope your virus is vanquished quick-smart!


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