10 Reasons You Should Hire Me

I have a hard time getting up the chutzpah to really pitch myself to potential employers. I’m an introvert. I’m fairly humble. I always say that I’m a terrible salesperson, but the truth is I just avoid selling because I hate it.

It’s also a little challenging to formulate a coherent narrative out of my vast and varied career. I’ve advanced rapidly in my level of responsibility, I’ve worn many hats and stepped into shoes of many sizes. But there are some common themes, and some good reasons that I am a very very good hiring decision. (see? humble.)

You should hire me because…

  1. I’m smart. This is such an unquantifiable attribute. It’s not something that comes down to job title, or salary, or GPA, or even IQ. But the truth is, I understand complex problems and make good decisions about how to solve them, more often than not.
  2. I ship things. I will get a product out the door through compromise or sheer force of will, if necessary. At the same time, I am willing to pull the emergency brake if there’s a show-stopping bug. I’m all about quality.
  3. I’m a natural leader. I work collaboratively with teams, and I’m often able to influence outcomes without direct authority.
  4. I can write. I’m still shocked by how rare this skill is in the tech world, considering how important it is.
  5. I’m a good communicator and diplomat. I send AWEsome emails, and if something needs to be discussed I walk down the hall and discuss it. I believe in transparency among team members and management, and I’m talented at facilitating open communication.
  6. I keep track of all of the details. I’m notorious for “knowing everything” — I absorb, process and share information efficiently.
  7. I can build coherent project plans and roadmaps. Nuff said.
  8. I’m constantly learning. In every role I take on I learn something new. I’ve become a subject matter expert on more subjects than I can count. I pick up new tools and technologies quickly.
  9. I’m creative. Another unquantifiable, but an important one. Creative people can see how things connect and come up with innovative ideas. I’m not a creative genius, but my creativity has been part of my success in every role.
  10. I have a sense of humor. This is so important when dealing with change and pressure, and one of the reasons people like to work with me.

Okay. Back to being a humble introvert…