Plumb Wonderful

Kitty Ireland

Hello, blog readers of yore! I have launched a new blog over at Plumb Wonderful focuses on health, habits, and travel (when I get to travel). Mostly it is a reflection of my journey to improve my health and fitness in my fifties.

Since I last posted here, I have gotten married, bought a house, visited Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Ecuador and a few domestic locales, overhauled my diet and drinking habit, gone through treatments for breast cancer, started working from home, got a new job at Mailchimp, lost 50+ pounds, and endured a global pandemic. Five years can contain multitudes.

I decided to launch Plumb Wonderful to share my health journey in hopes that it might inspire others to prioritize health, or at least find some useful strategies based on my experience. I’m including travel because one of my challenges in the coming months and years will be…

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