Weekly check-in: August 1, 2022

Each week, I update my accountability group in the Fearless Living Academy with my intentions for the week, as well as an overview of how the past week went. I am going to start sharing here for even more public accountability!


❤️ Not done/ needs love

💛 Partly done

💚 100% completed

💙 Did more than planned

💜 Exceeded all expectations

August! My bird of the month is the Mute Swan. Fun fact: the Mute Swan is not at all mute. August will be a month of more “friend dates,” time in nature, and getting my memoir into shape for agent queries. Also, resting my hamstring enough that I can try running again in September.

My August Bullet Journal plan with bird of the month drawing.


Review memoir feedback through chapter 7 💛

Beautiful mornings 7/7 💚

Focus session (15 min) 6/5 💙

You Can Run ??? (TBD pending hamstring) 0/0

Bedtime ritual 7/7 💚

Pay attention to H2O consumption 3/7 💛

New, enhanced weekly review 💚


Though I did not get all the way through chapter 7 of the memoir, I did wade through three sections with a lot of work needed. Finished Whole30 for the second time this year, and will be noticing how reintroducing certain foods affects sleep, energy, etc. Had a few friends over for a rooftop barbecue and enjoyed myself without drinking. I have two more rooftop events scheduled in August. Scheduled 7:20 AM focus session for 30 minutes M-F and actually stuck to it most days. I will be officially starting the Mindful Focus course for August and plan to do weekly public posts on Circle to engage more with the wider community. Carved out time for my weekly review on Sunday and set up August in my bullet journal with a new monthly tracking layout and open-ended daily spreads.


Tried running on Monday and re-injured my hamstring, so I will be holding off on running or other hamstring-intensive exercise for awhile. I seem to be able to walk at a slow pace and do low impact Peloton rides. Yoga is a bit iffy, but I’ve been keeping up short practices every day. Still finding it really unappealing to work through the memoir edits (especially where my writing coach has left comments that I need to be less matter of fact about things that I barely remember and don’t really have any deep, hidden feelings to explore).


My brain is constantly looking for novelty. This is not new information, and I know it is a pretty much universal trait. We look for changes in the environment that might signal danger or opportunity, which is why it’s so challenging to stay interested in situations that never change and pursue goals that seem stagnant.


Review memoir feedback through chapter 7

Beautiful mornings 7/7

Focus session (15 min) 5/7

Bedtime ritual 7/7

Pay attention to H2O consumption 7/7

New, enhanced weekly review

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