Weekly update: 8/8/22

Each week, I update my accountability group in the Fearless Living Academy with my intentions for the week, as well as an overview of how the past week went. I am going to start sharing here for even more public accountability!


❤️ Not done/ needs love

💛 Partly done

💚 100% completed

💙 Did more than planned

💜 Exceeded all expectations


Review memoir feedback through chapter 7 💚

Beautiful mornings 7/7 💚

Focus session (15 min) 6/5 💙

Bedtime ritual 7/7 💚

Pay attention to H2O consumption 6/7 💛

New, enhanced weekly review ❤️


Got all the way through notes and edits from my writing coach, and now realize there is a bit more fleshing out and digging into the chapters around my move to Seattle. Did my focus session close to my scheduled time M-F. Got out for a hike in the Cascades and finally used the Trailhead Direct bus service. Had TWO social events over the weekend: A small pool party at a fancy house where a friend was dogsitting, and a rooftop gathering with the other residents of our townhouse complex, which we haven’t done since 2019!


Setting a very specific time for focus work is feels a bit rigid and uncomfortable, but I am actually doing focus work, so I guess rigid structure can be helpful! There have been a couple of mornings when random distractions or just morning slowness have shifted my focus session by about 10 minutes, but I have been able to extend it a bit on the other end, so I’m still getting the 30 minutes in. I’m still resting my hamstring by doing lower impact work, which makes me feel like I’m not getting enough higher intensity exercise. I still haven’t quite figured out what I want to include in my weekly review process, and I think I may be overthinking/ overcomplicating it. Environmental challenge: Blue Angels making everything LOUD (for Seafair weekend–they fly basically right over my house).


Being social without involving alcohol is getting easier! I watched my neighbors enjoying cocktails and wine last night and had almost no urge to have a drink. It was appealing, but I kind of just wanted to feel unimpaired and get a good night of sleep instead.


Add scenes to final sections of memoir draft; begin compiling part 3

Beautiful mornings 7/7

Focus session (15 min) 5/7

Bedtime ritual 7/7

Pay attention to H2O consumption 7/7

Write down weekly planning process

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