September 13 Weekly(ish) Update


I didn’t set any intentions because I was on vacation, but when I returned I got right back into my daily habits. I intentionally took the week of from focus sessions and memoir work, so I will give myself 💚 for the week.


Got through a weekend in North Idaho without over-drinking, and had good visits with my mom and several extended family members on both sides. Had a relaxing, semi-unstructured short work week without any real planning or tracking. Started the Subtle Art School Purpose course.


Feeling low energy after travel and family time, and have spent quite a bit of time napping and watching dumb TV since I’ve been home. I’ve only been up for short/ easy workouts and walks, which just adds to a bit of a sense of bleh. Plus, wildfire smoke has been hampering time outside.


It is totally fine to take a break from all the things and it is an opportunity to recalibrate what I want to focus on. Now that I’m back to planning for September I’m taking some things off the list or pushing them out until later.


Beautiful Mornings 7/7

Subtle Art lessons 4/7

Focus sessions 5/7

Time blocking 5/7

Start/ assess Total Strength program

Weekly review & planning

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