Sometimes a great Notion

Do you Notion? I had been hearing a lot about this new notes/ productivity tool, but I resisted trying it for a long time. I’ve been using Evernote for over a decade to take notes, and I have a task manager that I like (TickTick, though I have also used Todoist for years). Why would…

How was your year? Reflections on 2022

2022 was not a year of momentous changes or big accomplishments. When I look at my life now compared to the start of the year, it looks pretty much the same. Same house, same husband, same job, same daily routines, same lack of a social life. I watch the same TV shows, give or take….

Weekly check-in 8/29/22

It’s almost September! I will be in Idaho next weekend visiting family, so I will miss my check-in next week. Here’s my September plan and bird… LAST WEEK Get to an ending for the memoir (if not fully fleshed out) 💚 Beautiful mornings 7/7 💚 Focus session (15 min) 5/5 💚 Bedtime ritual 7/7 💚…

Mid-year check-in

I launched this blog around the beginning of 2022, and while I am pleased with some of the content I’ve published, it is not really the blog that I want it to be. Why? I’m writing it as if I’m an expert trying to “monetize” or create professional clout in an area that I’m frankly…

Why I stopped setting big goals

The bigger your goal, the less likely you are to achieve it. I think this is some kind of law of thermodynamics or immutable force of nature. Okay, maybe not. But it does feel true doesn’t it? Big, audacious goals just don’t seem to get done. Life happens. Plans change. You don’t find the time….