Weekly check-in 8/29/22

It’s almost September! I will be in Idaho next weekend visiting family, so I will miss my check-in next week. Here’s my September plan and bird…


Get to an ending for the memoir (if not fully fleshed out) πŸ’š

Beautiful mornings 7/7 πŸ’š

Focus session (15 min) 5/5 πŸ’š

Bedtime ritual 7/7 πŸ’š

Pay attention to H2O consumption 3/7 πŸ’›

Attend group focus sessions 2/2 πŸ’š

Weekly review and planning πŸ’š

Experiment with Bento app and time blocks πŸ’š


I’m learning to love time blocks. I listened to a podcast about hyper-scheduling and thought, “that sounds awful,” but the proponents seemed to find it so helpful I decided to give it another chance. So I am now using google calendar to sketch out each day according to what I intend to work on between meetings and other commitments. And I kind of like it. I’m less effective at sticking with intentions after lunch, but overall I feel like I got a lot more done this week. “Finished” the memoir! I need to tighten up the end, but I’m actually (finally) ready to start agent queries.


I think I am too ambitious with my time blocks. I’ve been squeezing in 3-4 ninety minute blocks (each with a task or set of tasks attached), but I lose steam (and interest) after the first one or so. I may try just two planned blocks and let the rest of the day flow more naturally.


Once I started looking at every hour of my day between my morning ritual, scheduled meetings, and my evening shutdown, I realized I have a lot of time that’s sort of leaking away into distractions and unfocused “work” (checking Slack, going down research rabbit holes). If I can stick with this time blocking even partially I think I will feel a lot better about how I spend my time.


**Vacation starts Saturday**

Polish query letter

Beautiful mornings 5/7

Focus session (15 min) 5/7

Bedtime ritual 5/7

Pay attention to H2O consumption 5/7

(continue) Experiment with Bento app and time blocks

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