pointless creative work is not pointless

My mom bought me a cassette by Harry Nilsson when I was about six. Besides being an excellent example of 70’s folk-rock, it is also a narrative about Oblio, a boy born with a round head in the land of Point. Oblio is eventually banished to the Pointless Forest where he soon realizes that everything in the Pointless Forest in fact has a point! Even the bizarre, stoned “Rock Man.” The point of this story? Very little is truly pointless.

For example, I like to make collages. I gather images off the internet and lay them out in InDesign and print them to hang on my wall, for nothing more than visual inspiration. I can spend hours doing this. It doesn’t make me money or clean my apartment or write my memoir or any of the other things I think have a point. And yet it’s not pointless.

I posit that people need some kind of creative play to clear out the cobwebs, and the less it feels like work the better. Here are some things I like to do:

  1. make collages
  2. make books in iPhoto
  3. take random photos
  4. make playlists
  5. put together decor ideas
  6. write stories
  7. paint or draw
  8. write blog posts
  9. make up new recipes
  10. rearrange my furniture

It all has a point!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. leafless says:

    Things that have no value are considered pointless. Creative work is not pointless.


  2. C. Reider says:

    Funny, I was just reading John Cage writing about “the purpose of purposelessness” today.


    1. kittyireland says:

      Awesome. Me and John Cage are like… (x’s fingers)


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