Remember 2007?

Yeah, neither do I. But that seems to be the year that everyone and your grandma started a blog. Like the “desktop publishing” revolution of the 90’s, suddenly everyone could do it… and they did. In most cases, it was not a very good idea. Those LiveJournalers who had been at it since 1996 rolled their eyes at the proliferation of teens with MySpace blogs and continued to journal solemnly, behind closed doors, for their 12 readers.

The world blogged vigorously well into 2008, and then we all stopped. We discovered that most of what we had to say to the world could be said in 140 characters or less, and YouTube videos posted to FaceBook are worth well above 1,000 words. Blogging became somewhat last-century as a means of personal expression. We can just check in. So much easier than describing the experience. By 2009, defunct blogs littered the web, including my own.

I’ve been waffling for months over which platform to use. Typepad, where I already have a small set of readers from my defunct vox blog? Or WordPress, where I can do more with the layout? I decided to go with the latter, because it seems to open up more opportunities. I may find a way to post in both places, but let’s face it – I would never login to both regularly to moderate comments.

The other, more perplexing question is: WHAT FOR? It’s taken me a while to answer that for myself, but I have finally developed a set of reasons that are good enough for me. I’m not sure yet what the blog will be, but I have plenty of ideas for posts. So let’s find out.

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