Field notes: 7/16/11

Field notes are observations made on the day published.

* Drippy sky. Better than sweltering. There will be an opportunity to swelter at some later date.
* Strangely difficult to run in rain with a hood up.
* Unwashed lunch container from god-knows-when in plain sight under the kitchen table.
* Parrot wisdom: When in doubt, swing.
* The X-Files (trying for the 3rd time). This alien business is boring and silly.
* Rick Steves inspires an urge for Portuguese Pastry. Unfulfilled.
* Tempering a predilection for too much onion, most especially in the season of the Walla Walla Sweets.
* Creeping deskpiles.
* Netflix disc banishment.
* A late birthday greeting with moth posted.
* There’s a kitchen under there somewhere.
* Untempting protein foods.
* Mating hipster sunglasses in a coffee-table tangle.
* Color-coding.
* Sliced Provolone

Incidental soundtrack:

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