The 12 days of skipping Christmas

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On the first day of skipping Christmas… I tested positive for Covid. I had already decided not to try to do much for the festive season this year, and this made me thing, “how can I do even less?”

On the second day of skipping Christmas…I remembered that I had thought about making cards from some of my digital art. And then decided not to. Maybe next year.

On the third day of skipping Christmas… I ordered a turkey breast from Thrive Market. We were in Europe for Thanksgiving, so it will be a feast for the two of us. Is it going to be a Christmas feast? I guess it is.

On the fourth day of skipping Christmas… I wondered what everyone else is doing for the festive season. We haven’t had a single invite for anything, which is perfect.

On the fifth day of skipping Christmas… My father-in-law asked what we want for Christmas. He can be counted on for a significant gift, but we couldn’t think of anything right off. A 4K TV? I guess we’re supposed to wait until after the Super Bowl to buy a TV, so there will be nothing in our proverbial stocking except maybe a check.

On the sixth day of skipping Christmas… my husband and I realized that we are terrible gift recipients because we tend to buy the little indulgences we want for ourselves, at any time of year.

On the seventh day of Christmas… We realized we need new bath towels to replace our mismatched ones with holes. So we chose some Turkish cotton ones and ordered them as a joint gift. I guess Santa is coming after all.

On the eighth day of skipping Christmas… I got a little FOMO because my coworkers in the Atlanta area got together for high tea. And I got an Uber Eats voucher.

On the ninth day of skipping Christmas… I decided I need a Christmas movie marathon on Christmas Eve. I began to question whether I am, in fact, skipping Christmas.

On the tenth day of skipping Christmas… I scheduled a massage for the day after Boxing Day. Self care is the best gift.

On the eleventh day of skipping Christmas… I shipped off some healing crystals and art supplies to my mom. I may be skipping Christmas, but she gets disgruntled when she does not receive gifts.

On the twelfth day of skipping Christmas… I plugged in the string of white lights in my living room and realized that even when I skip the festive season, I still have the holiday feels buried deep in my nostalgia bone.

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